Approach / Methodology

Unlike traditional coaching models that focus on addressing people’s weaknesses, our approach emphasizes that people’s key areas of opportunity are their strengths. The overarching objectives of a StrengthsFinder Coach are to help the client ground his or her actions, decisions, and thoughts within the context of his or her strengths.

We work with leaders, managers and team members to help them shift their perspectives toward how they can leverage their strengths and their people’s strengths to create high-performing, passionate, and engaged teams.

StrengthsFinder™ is the world’s leading assessment in a strengths based understanding.

Few people know or understand who they really are, how unique they are or how to engage this uniqueness in everyday life. The Gallup Organization developed the StrengthsFinder™ to introduce a new way of looking at oneself – through the lens of strength. When one receives their StrengthsFinder™ results, they will read StrengthsFinder Descriptions and learn just how unique and strong they are – individual results have over 33 million unique combinations of strength. Currently, more than 10 million people have taken the online assessment, in 100 nations worldwide.





A StrengthsFinder? profile (output) provides incredible awareness, but what do I do with it?

Catalyst Consulting Group understands how best to put ones strengths to work. Through the last ten years, Lisa Ames, Catalyst Consulting Group President has adopted StrengthsFinder, leveraged the capabilities and most importantly implemented and demonstrated remarkable results at her recent employer, Pfizer. As a sales leader at Pfizer, and most recently with Catalyst Consulting Group, Lisa built an engagement approach where leaders, managers and team members could adopt and consume StrengthFinder knowledge to positively impact their relationships at work, at home and within the community.

So why StrengthsFinder™ Coaching and Catalyst Consulting Group?

StrengthsFinder™ is changing the way people see, communicate and relate with one another. Catalyst Consulting Group, Gallup Certified Coaches, with the years of corporate experience is able to take the strength outputs and help empower people through a lens of strength, positivity and engagement. Communicating and relating to others through strength, builds a greater sense of belonging and connection. And when we engage in strengths development, we reveal what most people are unaware of … that they are strong.